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 Outcome Launch

The story of Outcome. Our new software brand.

29 May, 2017

We’re excited to introduce the newest development from Orbis Communications the Outcome Platform: a single source technology solution for the management of all Experiential Learning programs. Outcome enables schools to manage all Experiential Learning in one place, with a primary focus on cataloguing and promoting experiential opportunities, delivering and tracking experiential programs, and recognizing and reporting on experiential participation.

Campuses, departments, and programs can garner insights and validation from these incredible data sets to ensure the experiential programs are reaching their intended audiences and goals.

Outcome culminates with a powerful new Student Experiential Transcript that details and showcases a student’s competency and skill development across the entirety of their post-secondary experience. Work integrated opportunities, co-op program participation, co-curricular involvement – is all display in one place, all with support for student reflection, with validation elements built in, and clear views of the skill and competency development from each activity.

Over the years, the vision for Orbis has been consistent: Build a socially responsible company that plays a meaningful role in the support and enhancement of our campus partners’ operations, all with the goal of supporting student success.

A decade later, we’re an organization made up of amazing individuals with a social conscience dedicated to the continual improvement of our organization and the communities we operate in. From our very first days of creating CD-ROM’s that eased the student transition to post-secondary education, to introducing process and technology to produce Co-Curricular Records and continually advancing the operations of co-operative education, to supporting staff with paid time off to volunteer in our community we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Outcome has all the tools and features our campus partners have become accustomed to with Co-op, Internship, Career Education, and Co-Curricular Record. With Outcome, we’ve added to those tools with support for central skill and competency frameworks, tools for operationalizing Work Integrated Learning, research tracking, and visual experiential dashboards that with one click validate community impact, industry participation, at risk student community engagement, and the percentage of students engaged in a work integrated learning experience.

Outcome has enhanced features for advising, events, data collection, and automated workflow tools. All areas of Outcome have been enhanced with a complete design overhaul – focused on mobile viewing and accessibility.

“A new online community of practice…”


With the launch of our Outcome Platform, our goal is to provide our campus partners not only with technology, but also to equip you with the research and information on changes to the industry, new ideas, best practices and trends that will make a meaningful difference to your operations. A new online community of practice will launch in the coming weeks – designed to provide our campus partners a space where you can share ideas, best practices, share views on developing standards, and engage with our team. You’ll notice we’ve recently published several articles that you can use in your marketing and prospecting of new industry partners, and over the next several months you will see information from us on Big Data, competency frameworks, and workflow ideas that you can leverage – all of which will be available in the online community.

On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of what you do. We are continually inspired by the stories and successes that come from your unbelievable work on your campuses and are excited to share our vision of how the Outcome Platform can help you build further on those successes.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our new product page, or Join us for an online demo.

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